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The New Better You !! Healthy Eating & Natural Healing with The Power Of Herbs.

All this talk about Vagi steaming But do it really work ??Mugwort, according to the American Cancer Society, helps treat stomach and intestinal disorders, including cramps, but it has also been used for menopausal and menstrual complaints, along with infertility. The herb stimulates the production of hormones in order to maintain uterine health, and protects the uterus from ulcers and tumors. Our bodies intake a'lot of toxins from many different sources of food intake. And if you still consume red meat you really need to worry about toxins and parasites. The old saying You are what you Eat is Really a TRUE statement. Our Lifestyles has groomed us to kinda not pay attention to what we really put into our body. After years of consuming red meat I've come to the realization that it was making me sluggish and weighed me down my hormones where all over the place my menstrual cycle was off and the cramps we're unbearable most of the times and not to mention the constant boils i kept getting which is another form of Staphylococcus which carries many different bacteria's. I kept finding myself going back in forth to the hospital to get these boils lanced under my arm pits to my but cheeks. So now i gotta do some self inventory on myself to see why I'm constantly getting them. My Dr told me it was a pretty common infection that everyone gets once upon a life time ha ha "yea ok" but i was eager to know more being that I've always been pretty healthy since i was a kid, Really wasn't a meat eating kid, But i started devouring steaks and pork chops in my late teens to my mid twenties. So I stopped eating what i eat the Most of, Steaks, Roast Beef, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Anything red i wouldn't touch Not to say it was the hardest thing ever for the first 6 months. Some people will literally go insane if they couldn't enjoy a t-bone steak every so often. Its now going on 3 years and i haven't gotten a boil since. Its truly amazing when you start to put good things in, only good comes out. All it takes is a little discipline. Starting your new year off right, on a healthy note is always a great start, And it won't break your pockets. Seeing the results in your health will help you maintain a positive attitude towards staying on the right track.


Once You get into eating a little more healthy you'll start getting more into natural products & herbal supplements. Herbs and herbal Tonics can get you back thinking more rationally as it replenishes the the immune system. Find Great Herbs for Yoni Steaming AT