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Sperm Can Cause Diarrhea

Yes Ladies Sperm can be very lethal to our uterus as well as make beautiful miracles happen, But lets talk about the bad things for a minute, Sperm carry a compound called prostaglandins. The problem is more likely to occur when you have a lot of semen pumped (literally) into your uterus, like when you have a lot of sex in a short amount of time. It will cause diarrhea and cramping for days sometimes weeks. We actually produce prostaglandins during our menstrual cycle, which is why you may notice that you have diarrhea before you get your period. In fact, getting it on in the days before your period might mix your prostaglandins with his—which could cause a serious case of diarrhea. I've had tons of talks with my ladies and some have had this problem we thought it was weird but when i asked my dr and he confirmed it i wanted to to more research. The worst feeling in the world is having unprotected sex and the next day your on the toilet with every thing running straight through your body. You start think irrational and not so great. The best Choice is to stay protected at all times we don't talk about this enough. One night of pleasure can turn into a million problems. So naturally as woman we have to take the time to give our vagina's some pampering and whats more better then a great Radiant Herbal Blend from The Yoni Boutique. In the meantime lets stay strapped at all times.