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Healing After Surgery

Healing After surgery can be a very difficult project if you don't have everything you need to facilitate you during your recovery. Anytime there was an incision made there comes scarred tissues, if you have keloid skin its even worst. Scarred Tissue haunts us from the inside out. Of course this is not one of our main concerns before, during or after surgery but its definitely a concern a year after. Scarred Tissues start to build up during the healing process inside the body at the scar site. Woman across the world battle with scarred tissues due to having C-sections and Scar tissue can cause cyclic pelvic pain from menstrual blood getting trapped in the uterus. It can also cause recurrent pregnancy loss or an inability to conceive.Uterine scarring is caused by trauma to the lining with a procedure and/or inflammation. Rates of scarring are highest when there is a uterine procedure done in the setting of an infection. Potential causes for scarring include:Surgical:Dilation and curettage for prior abortion, miscarriage, retained placenta after delivery, abnormal uterine bleeding Cesarean section Myomectomy Inflammation/infection: Endometritis – infection of uterine cavity Other infections (Chlamydia, Tuberculosis, Schistosomiasis) Symptoms Uterine scarring that causes symptoms is called Asherman Syndrome. Symptoms might include a lighter period, “hypomenorrhea” or no period, “amenorrhea”. Uterine scarring decreases the ability to get pregnant because it decreases the blood supply to the endometrial lining. It may also cause the cavity to be completely scarred. A healthy endometrium is important for an embryo to implant. Scar tissue can also be a physical barrier for sperm to enter the upper uterus to fertilize an ovulated egg. As an unsaturated fatty acid, ricinoleic acid found in castor oil has many healing abilities, including: supporting the lymphatic system. increasing circulation Castor Oil melts away scarred tissues naturally. Rub Castor oil on the scarred area or surgery site with the flannel cloth to over it with a heating pad atleast 3x a week and melt scarred tissues naturally. So now you have the information Pass it on !!!!!! Find Castor Oils At