Release & Reset Spa Bath

Release & Reset Spa Bath

Release & Reset Bath Spa

Blended With 100% Organic Ingredients to help release a loved one or negative Feelings & Thoughts while cleansing your aura and eliminating stress. 

This Soak is also quite amazing for a peaceful nights sleep.  Blended with cococut milk powder, this soak is ultra nourishing and moisturizing to the skin.  Comes with mesh pouch for easy clean up.  

  • Product Info

    Lavender - Attraction, calmness, Relaxation, Stress Relief, Rest 

    Clove - Luck, Prosperity, Aphrodisiac

    Chamomile - Release, Attraction, Soothing, 

    Coconut Milk  Powder - Moisturizing, Protection, Purification 

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    Sorry No Returns Or Refunds 

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    5 - 7 Business Days

  • Packaging Size

    4 oz