Love Bath

Love Bath

Whether it be to draw in a new lover, end arguments in an existing relationship, heal a  broken heart, or the ever popular reunite with an old flame, love baths are usually what initially draw people to doing them. The allure of power and being able to bring yourself love by means of a Love Bath candles and sweet incense smoke lit in the bathroom, chanting your incantations until you catch a vision, drawing your lover to you, meeting them in astral form is perhaps the most exhilarating thing you will ever experience.


Bathing with Himalayan bath salts stimulates circulation, hydrates the skin, increases moisture retention, promotes cellular regeneration, detoxifies the skin, and helps heal dry, scaling, irritated skin. Salt water bathing reduces inflammation of the muscles and joints, relaxes muscles and relieves pain and soreness

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     Bathing is an ancient practice found in almost every culture. It is a way for you to put yourself in alignment with your goal by transforming your aura with herb, flower, and root allies. Our aura is like a web of light that can collect energies and magnetize our desires to us. Using a love formula for instance will condition your aura to attract love. A Love Uncrossing Formula will help to remove negative love patterns, A calming formula will help to bring peace to your relationship and so on. I highly recommend taking regular spiritual baths to keep your energy in alignment with positive blessings. If you are unable to take a bath or you don't have a bathtub you can use a scrub in its place. To take a spiritual bath prepare the space by making sure everything is clean, smudge your space, create an ambiance, draw your bath and soak 25 minutes or longer. While you're in the water meditate on your overall goal and visualize yourself happy, thriving, and in love, in a healthy relationship, at peace and so on. This love Bath will magnetize your aura for love.  Made with  proper herbs, and essences to assist in your manifestation. Our  formula is balanced. with Love.  Either way use this bath as a tool and be consistent with it at least once a month for maintenance, 3 days in a row (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) for lighter workings, or 7 consecutive days for some serious manifestation. 

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