Green Adverturine Jade Yoni Egg Set

Green Adverturine Jade Yoni Egg Set

Green Adverturine Activate a new you by harnessing the power of Gemstone Yoni Eggs. Designed to supercharge your kegel exercises, our Green Aventurine yoni eggs will activate your vaginal muscles to bring out heightened sensations and your orgasmic feminine side. Stimulate your heart chakra to infuse love into your energy and open yourself up to divine connection with yourself and those around you. Use this yoni egg to beautifully guide you through the process of shedding blocks around your heart chakra so you can hold space for a fresh spiritual awakening.Green Aventurine will lead the path to abundance and opportunity as you release negativity and energy blockages. Aventurine crystals are known as a stone of luck and will help you to manifest money while you luxuriate in setting your sex life on fire. This green quartz facilitates the release of old disappointments, habits, and patterns of behavior to make room for new energies that empower you as you blossom.

What is the Yoni?-- Yoni is the Sanskrit name meaning ‘Sacred Place’. In Eastern cultures and Taoist tradition it’s used often when referring to the vagina or womb.It’s the seat of generative power and considered as the Source of All.

How to enjoy the Yoni Egg?-- Lay down comfortably, open the legs and insert the egg with the bigger part first. Use only the tip of your finger to ease it in. Once it has passed the opening of the vagina, the yoni walls will pull the egg in. WHEN IS THE RIGHT TIME?Yoni eggs can be used during meditation, while sitting down watching television or doing work, or while walking around doing every day activities.

What are the Benefits?-- The uro-genital and pelvic muscles help support our sexual organs. Working with the egg inside your yoni helps you strengthen the same. Higher sensitivity allows you more control over this part of the body. There are plenty of sensitive spots in our vaginal canal and the egg wakes them gently up.

What is the best care?-- Please do not wash with boiling hot water.It's better clean the Eggs with warm water and soap for thorough sterilization before first use,then after every using wash them with soap and water,and wrap them in a soft cloth.

  • Product Info

    Use your egg each day around your cycle of course
    Experiment with sex using the egg if you so wish
    Tell your girl friends but only if you sense they are open to it or curious
    Wash your eggs using warm water and vinegar solution or tea tree before each use
    Use your pouch with our eggs - tie to the string and add weights- also known as vaginal weightlifting
    Try barefoot running or walking using the egg, it’s great for encouraging core engagement
    Try a mooncup when it is your time of the month – it’s eco friendly and much cheaper in the long run
    Enjoy your path, it’s a wonderful experience Be patient and allow time for results to be felt
    Be lady like when discussing eggs with friends because everybody’s experience with them is different


    Leave your eggs in the reach of young children they could be a choking hazard
    Forget you have your egg in when you go for a number two!
    Use the egg if you have a bladder infection or any kind of yeast infection. Sometimes if our pelvic hammock is weak the egg can push against the urinary tract and prevent a full bladder from emptying and lead to infection. It is wise to remove the egg if you have a full bladder so that it can fully empty.

    Don’t try and lift 14kg on day 1 if you are attempting vaginal weightlifting, start with small pebbles in the pouch
    Drop quartz or rose quartz eggs onto a hard floor they are likely to crack
    Don't use them during menstruation

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