Detox Yoni Pearls

Detox Yoni Pearls

1 purchase includes 3 yoni pearls.

“Our cleansing pearls are 100% natural and therapeutic, intended for holistic vaginal healthcare. Yoni Pearls offer support to women’s bodies and restore feminine health.

Yoni pearls are tiny bags of herbs used for detoxification of the yoni or womb. They aide to remove toxins, old blood clots, Yeast & bacteria and more out of you. 

Handmade item Materials :  healing herbs such as Saffron, Bomeol, Common Cnidium, Indigo Naturalis, Sophora Flavescens, and Rose Petals.


How to Use: You clean your hands and vulva first then insert pearl and let the string hang (insert up to 7cm) and keep it in up to 3 days! Take pearl out! 

 Wait 24-48 hours and repeat.Best for women whose pH is easily unbalanced.1 month is 3 pearls. Take no more than 6 pearls a month. 3-6 sessions recommended! 

Best time to use: up to 3 days after cycle Good for women who want a natural herbal detox ! 

Do not take if your allergic to any ingredients or while pregnant/breastfeeding.


No sex while detoxing.

Drink up to 1 gallon of water when detoxing

WARNING: Do not use if you are currently pregnant, lactating or on your menstrual cycle!!

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    Aids in removing unhealthy bacteria and yeast, vaginal itching and vaginal odors, viruses, inflammation of the uterus and cervix, PCOS, Endometriosis, cervical erosion and dysplasia, fibroids, PID and adnexa, and uterine Incontinence 

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