Celestite Crystal Cluster

Celestite Crystal Cluster

Celestite is an extremely popular tool for use in communication with angelic and other spirit guides. This is a crystal that will instantly lift you above the mundane. Meditation with Celestite will open a clear channel of communication, allowing one to tap into the perfect power of the universe's total love. It will teach you of the peaceful trust in acknowledging and accepting in that each of us is part of the Divine Plan. Celestite's gentle and positive vibrational energies radiate in all directions, making it an excellent addition to bedrooms, healing rooms, and meditation places. It has been used to improve eyesight and hearing, and to promote eloquence. One might ease the pain of a sore throat by placing the Celestite on the afflicted area. It is also believed to aid with the functioning of the thyroid gland, as well as to relieve digestive problems and eliminate toxins from the physical form.

  • Product Info

    • Quantity: One (1) Unique Celestite Geode/Cluster Specimen
    • Size: 1-2lbs
    • Quality: Top Grade Specimen w/ Brilliant Blue Crystals. Guaranteed Natural; No Artificial Enhancements!
    • Each and every specimen is unique and you will receive ones similar to the image shown.
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    7 - 10 Business Days 

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    2 lbs