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Beauty & Benefits V-Steaming

V-Steams have been around for many centuries and many different traditions. Women from all ethnic backgrounds encourage the use of herbs for the many benefits.  Encouraging Relaxation & Relieving Stress are just a few of the many great benefits V-steaming can offer. While Giving your skin a soft, smooth, youthful and healthy glow V-Steaming improves breathing relieves cough, colds and sinus problems.  V-Steaming allows the herbs to get into the uterine tissues and linings of the vaginal wall & uterus allowing the natural cleanse to take place.  Boosting Fertility & Balancing Hormones. It is best to do a vagina detox within a week before your period and every two weeks to retain up the cleansing. You want to use two Quarts of natural spring water with One of our Beautiful Herbal Blends,  to tighten your Yoni choose the  
Diva Herbal Blend.  Do not use while breastfeeding,  yeast infections & bacterial infection Use The Radiant Mugwort Wash.  After Your v-steam you will be very relaxed.   V- Steaming should be a regular monthly routine for woman of all lifestyles.


Instructions For Herb Bath

  1. Boil Big Pot Of Water 1 Gal

  2. Place Herbs Into Boiled Water

  3. Turn Off Your Pot 

  4. Put A Top On Pot Of Herbs To Steep

  5. Run Bath Water 

  6. Pour Pot Of Herbs In Bath 

  7. Light A Candle

  8. Relax In Bath For 45 Mins

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Instructions For V Steam

  1. Boil 8oz of water in large pot

  2. Pour Herbs into Sitz Bath

  3. Sit Sitz Bath in Toilet 

  4. Pour Boiling Water into Sitz

  5. Let cool for 5 mins

  6. Sit on The Toilet With Sitz Bath 

  7. Wrap with blanket waist down

  8. Sit For 30 - 40 Mins 

  9. Lay Down & Relax 

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