All You Wanted to Know About Detox Yoni Pearls

How many cleanses should I order?

 We suggest start with 2 full cleanses (6 pearls) and journaling the progress then order more as needed.We do not give recommended dosages for healing specific ailments. Every womb is different and because of that we believe that it would be misleading for us to give an exact number. Please remember our pearls are also intended for you to get closer with your womb area. We want you to reconnect with HER, this is why we recommend buying 2 cleanses especially if it’s your first time using them to know for sure if they are beneficial for you.

How do I know if my detox is finished?

You will be done detoxing once all the discharge has left your vaginal area. If you think it is over, wait an additional day or two because there may still be some on its way out.

Why can I not use them if I am breastfeeding, pregnant or have a hymen intact?

 You cannot use them if breastfeeding because these pearls are inserted into your vagina, one of, if not the most absorbent place in your body. The herbs in these pearls may circulate throughout your body, including your breast milk. We do not want young babies ingesting the milk with herbs in them, although they are all natural, the developing organs may not be able to fully process them and we wouldn’t want anything happening to your little one.
If you have your hymen in tact due to the strong nature of the herbs inside of our product, being that they can help with fibroids and cysts they have the ability to break the thin tissue that is your hymen.If this does not matter to you then proceed with using, but if it matters then don't use the product.
If you are pregnant you can not use our product as we do not know how the herbs will affect your growing child and we would not want your baby harmed in any manner.

Can using this change my PH Balance?

Yes there is a possibility that using this product will change/upset your PH Balance. This could result in a yeast infection for some women. We recommend the use of a boric acid suppository and or any other natural yeast infection remedy.

I think I have a yeast infection?

If you develop a yeast infection after use of the product then it's possible that your PH Balance was disrupted during the process and resulted in one. If so we recommend the use of a boric acid suppository and or any other natural yeast infection remedy. This does not mean that the product did not aid in your detox. The herbs were still able to circulate in your body and after the infection is cleared up you should see a difference in your vagina. If not, we recommend another cleanse.

I have an IUD can I use them?

If you have an IUD we give a warning with our product. Due to the strong nature of our product's herbs there is a chance that your iud could come out during the purging process.This very rare but we want to make sure you know before purchasing.

 What do some people experience during their purging phase of the detox?

Some women, specifically those with fibroids and cysts, feel mild cramping. This is occurring during the toxin extraction process.
Some women experience itchiness, most are mild, few extreme. This is due to all the toxins being drawn to the front of the vaginal opening which is a very sensitive area.
 Other women may experience a foul odor coming from their vaginal areas they didn't have before but don’t worry, the smell leaves when the process is over.

Can I use this on my menstrual cycle?

No you can not use this on your menstrual cycle. Use 3 days or more after your cycle has ended, or 10 days or more before cycle begins.

What happens if my cycle begins?

If menstrual cycle begins while pearl is in, remove the pearl & continue to wait out your detox as normal.

When can I have sex again and or can I have sex while cleansing?

Do not have sexual intercourse during this process, you may resume intercourse 2 days after process is complete, this would be day 8 for most women. Please check your vagina with a mirror to be sure you are not purging  anymore.

I am having a hard time getting the 2nd pearl in, what do I do?

This is a sign that you are starting to purge early. If having a hard time, save the second pearl for another milder cleanse, and continue your waiting process as normal. 

Can I use more then 1 Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearl at a time?

No. Please do not use more than 1 of our Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls at a time.
Our product is  very potent, more than 1 at a time is too much for any womb; please stick to our instructions that you received with your package.
If you bought Detox Yoni  Pearls™, please stick with our instructions.

If I am trying to conceive  when should I use them?

If trying to conceive please use our product 3 days or more after your last menstrual cycle ends to ensure that you are not pregnant.

    I am having a hard time getting the 2nd pearl in, what do I do?

    This is a sign that you are starting to purge early. If having a hard time, save the second pearl for another milder cleanse, and continue your waiting process as normal. 

    What is that white stuff I see?

    Days 3-6, Your purging process begins and  white discharge may be noticeable, very normal. Do not pull this, it will come down & out on it's own. Dryness may be noticeable as well, very normal. Drink plenty of water with sliced lemons or cucumbers during this time to promote detoxing.

    I am feeling itchy, what should I do?

    Some women may experience itchiness or odor during this time, the itchiness is  caused by toxins making their way out. If you are frequent with BV or Yeast infections you may experience those symptoms during your process. If so please take a warm bath with Epsom or dead sea salt, then moisturize your vaginal area with coconut oil. Take this bath everyday you feel itchy for temporarily relief.

    How often can I cleanse?

     Ideally 1x  a month or less as needed .

    How many cleanses should I do for a specific ailment?

    We do not give number of cleanses for specific ailments as that is misleading.

    I am feeling uncomfortable, dizzy or nauseous what should I do?

    Please remove the pearl and drink lots of water. See a doctor if you feel worse.

    When can I have sex again?

    2 days after your cleanse is over. This would bring you to an estimated 8 days without sexual intercourse.

    Can I masturbate with pearl in?

    Yes as long as you are not inserting anything into your vagina.

    My pearl still looks the same after removal is that normal?

    Yes that is normal and in many cases,  many woman's pearl upon removal will look the same as it did inserting it.

    How soon can I do my second cleanse? 

    Ideally the next month but if you  experienced any aggressive itchiness, excess discharge or odor while cleansing then you may use another cleanse 7 days  or more after your first cleanse as long as your cycle is not starting in 10 days or less. If it is then wait 3 days after your cycle has finished to begin a new cleanse.

    Can I use this if I have had a hysterectomy?

     Yes you can.

    Can I drink alcohol and use the cleanse at the same time?

    Yes you can.

    I am spotting a bit is that normal?

    Yes some women may spot. Our product promotes blood flow and the spotting will end in a few day.

    How can this detox your uterus/ womb when the cervix block this process?

    The herbs in our  product can soften the cervix allowing the uterus/womb to be detoxed.

    Is the mesh on the pearl suppose to stay on?

    Yes it is.

    How soon after giving birth, miscarriage or abortion  can I use this?

    3 months after if not breastfeeding .

    Is frequent urination normal?

    Yes some women may experience this cleansing affect. 

    I've noticed my skin clearing up after using this, why so?

    When inserted into the vagina the herbs are absorbed into the WHOLE body, not just the vaginal/ womb area, allowing it to be beneficial to your whole body, such as seeing clearer skin.

    Can I use the Queen's Steam and Detox Pearls at the same time?

    No you can not use the Queen's Steam and the Detox Pearls at the same time.

    I have both the Queen's Vaginal Steam and The Detox Pearls, which one should I use first?

    You choose to use whichever one calls to you the most. 
    If you decide to use the Detox Pearls first, wait at least 5 days after your cleanse to use our Steams.
    If you use our Steams first then wait at least 2 days to use our Detox Pearls.

    Out of the Steam and Detox Pearls, which one is more effective?

    It depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for an immediate DEEP vaginal cleanse then we would recommend the Detox Pearls. If you are looking for a more spiritual , emotionally cleansing experience to connect to yourself with a mild cleanse, we would suggest our Yoni Steam.